Product issues

My lights don't work!

Unfortunately, due to shipping restrictions, we can't include batteries in our products. Please see the Battery Info page to see how to correctly install the batteries.

If you've done that and the lights do in fact not work, contact us with your order details or address so we can send you a replacement.

I broke a minor piece, how can I fix it?

If the piece is not critical to the structure of the model, you should be able to fix it with a bit of glue.

What glue would you recommend?

If you need to use glue to fix down any loose pieces, we recommend a quick drying liquid glue suitable for wood. Use a small drop.

I broke a critical piece and I can't fix it. Can I get a replacement piece?

If the break is not reparable, or it was a critical element to the build, then we'd be happy to send you replacement pieces.

Please email us at with a photo of the broken pieces (this helps us improve our product), along with your order number or address.

Shipping issues

For help with shipping issues, visit Shipping Info